Should I clear my browser’s cache if I get unexpected results in DiscoverText?


I’m attempting to filter a bucket of Twitter data items to isolate the tweets that do not have annotations, by using Advanced filters --> Filter by annotations --> No file annotations --> Add filter. This executes for a while but ultimately returns “No results” after several minutes. Sometimes DiscoverText appears to hang. Sometimes I do other operations that do not give the results I expected. Why does this happen?


DiscoverText is a web-based application and can be negatively affected by your browser’s cache or other browser tabs that you have open. To remedy this:

  • Log off of DiscoverText.
  • Close all browser tabs.
  • Clear your browsing history and browser cache.
  • Log back in to DiscoverText.

The exact steps to clear your browsing history and browser cache depends upon which web browser (e.g., Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer IE, Firefox) you use.

Chrome: Settings --> Advanced --> Clear browsing data.

Internet Explorer (IE): Tools --> Delete browsing history.

Other browsers have similar steps.


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