Should I analyze data in DiscoverText instead of exporting it? What are the advantages of doing so?


I need to perform a lot of analysis on my data. Should I export the data to my computer and analyze it there? What tools does DiscoverText provide, and what are the advantages of doing so?

We are always very surprised when users rush to get their data (e.g., Twitter tweets) off of DiscoverText and into a CSV file. We are ranked #1 in this marketplace for a reason - we make slicing and dicing the data easier than anyone else including IBM, SAS, and Google:

Apart from that, Twitter in a CSV file is heavily degraded:

  • no pictures
  • no media previews
  • no live counts of RTs
  • no live counts of favorites
  • no Twitter display features (user picture. etc)

In DiscoverText, the opposite is true in every case. We use the Twitter display. While there are reasons for CSV exports (and we offer many ways to get your data into .csv or .graphml format), we suggest that you should first work with the data using our power tools, then export raw or subsets of processed data if needed.

For more information, please see our Searching and Filtering and Power Tools documentation.


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