Why are there so few results when using Twitter's (Gnip PowerTrack) geo (geographic) rules?


Although these rules can be very useful for selecting specific data, they can also severely restrict the quantity of data you may receive. For example, the place, place_country, and has_geo rules could eliminate 99% of the tweets because geo data is extremely rare in Twitter. Also, geo data was not captured in the early years of Twitter and are a relatively recent feature. If you find that the number of estimated activities is very low, consider removing a rule and reevaluating the results.

Please see these helpful tips for more information.

Note: Twitter's PowerTrack (previously known as Gnip PowerTrack) provides many useful rules and filters to help you import and select the specific Twitter data that you are interested in. Twitter’s PowerTrack documentation is an important resource and should be consulted before developing your own rules.

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