Why am I not receiving exactly the prior seven (7) days of tweets when using the Twitter Search API through DiscoverText?


When using the Twitter Search API through Discover Text I am not getting data for the prior 7 days. I am only getting the current data or date forward – like from the Twitter Stream. This didn’t happen for a different search I did a few days ago. Why is this?

This is the way the Twitter Search API works. If the term is a common word (e.g., a current major political figure or a big news story) then it may not go backward at all. Conversely, if it is an infrequently used word (e.g., “DiscoverText”) then it may go back 14 days.

This is beyond our control and determined by Twitter. We suggest taking this into consideration when planning your research and looking at Twitter’s FAQs and Search API documentation for more information.

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