What data security practices or policies are in place for the Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT) and DiscoverText? Can old data be permanently deleted?


I am concerned about whether unauthorized individuals could access the data hosted on the Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT) or DiscoverText and what sort of data security processes are in place to prevent a data breach. Also, can I remove or delete the datasets and files from the server? Do you have data security policies or procedures documentation that you could share with me?

Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT)

The Coding Analysis Toolkit (CAT) is our free, and legacy, service that Texifter hosts (and as such is not updated often, nor are new features added). Access to CAT is provided via a username and password and the data is stored in a shared database across all users. Access to the database and back-end systems is only accessible to selected Texifter staff. Once coding is complete, it is the responsibility of the user to delete their data if they wish to do so. The data is deleted immediately at that time. As such, we cannot guarantee the sanctity of the data in the case of a security incident. Please see the CAT terms of service and CAT privacy statements for additional information.


If you require more robust support and functionality, we suggest you look at our commercial offering DiscoverText, which has been used by many different industries including academia and by US federal governmental agencies. Again, as with CAT, the onus is on the user to delete their own data and the data is deleted immediately at that time (with no recovery options).

DiscoverText is a PCI-compliant system and is hosted in a FISMA-compliant infrastructure. However, if you are looking for absolute HIPAA compliance (or any further robust privacy needs), we do offer a self-hosting option that may suit your needs better. If this is something you might be interested in, please get in touch by sending an email to info@texifter.com or directly with Stuart Shulman to discuss options.

As a matter of internal corporate security, at this time we cannot share specific documents attesting to our security policies or procedures, however please see the DiscoverText terms of service and DiscoverText privacy policy and the public security document below.




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