Can I Export DiscoverText Data to a NodeXL Formatted File?


I need to convert my DiscoverText data to NodelXL format for further processing. How can I export DiscoverText data to a NodeXL formatted file?

You can export data that is in a bucket to a NodeXL file. 

Go to the Bucket details page and use the Export to Node XL option as shown below:


Please keep in mind that NodeXL has a finite upper bound for the number of tweets it can handle (approximately 15,000 - 20,000 tweets).

Also, the format that DiscoverText exports to (.graphml) is accepted by NodeXL and Gephi.

Note: If you receive an “unexpected exception: Java Language Runtime exception” when attempting to import this file into Gephi, see this FAQ about Errors When Importing a NodeXL File Into Gephi.

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