How does Texifter differ from Gnip?


I have some questions about DiscoverText, Texifter, and Gnip. We run research projects on various topics on Twitter. Often the search terms are quite specific with volumes of a few thousand to a hundred thousand tweets per year.
How does Texifter differ from Gnip? I understand the data is coming from Gnip - is it changed or augmented by your tools?


We are longtime Gnip customers offering PowerTrack for Twitter via DiscoverText and the historical PowerTrack via Sifter.

Sifter estimates are free and unlimited.

Data purchases go to DiscoverText.

Data export is governed by Twitter’s Terms of Service.

You can find more answers by clicking on the following links:

If you like, please contact us and we can schedule a meeting (web briefing) to go over what we add via text analytics.


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