How can I resolve a “Nothing will be exported” message when attempting to download Twitter tweets to CSV file?


I need to download Twitter tweets to a CSV file, which I see is an option (subject to the 50k limit), but when I attempt to do that, I receive a message saying "Note: All of the items in your archive are Twitter-based items. Nothing will be exported." and indeed if I select Export, I get a file with nothing in. How can I resolve this problem?

You must export Twitter (and Gnip/Twitter) data from datasets within the system - they cannot be exported directly from archives or buckets. Per Twitter's rules, to allow downloading of any data, it must be "transformed" in some fashion first. To adhere to Twitter's Terms of Service, the transformation of an archive to a dataset is pro forma in a sense, mandated as part of our Gnip partnership.

However, we encourage our users to take advantage of the search, filtering, duplicate detection, clustering, coding and machine learning capabilities of our tools to refine their data before rushing to just get Twitter data off our system. We were just awarded a patent on ranking human coders to enhance machine-learning, the core of which is our unique attention to the problem of adjudication when human observers disagree on the correct categorization of text.

You can create datasets of up to 50,000 tweets and export one dataset per day.


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