Create a hierarchical dataset code structure


Some users have very simple dataset coding requirements, with only a few options such as Positive / Negative, or Yes / No / Maybe. However, you can create a complex hierarchical dataset code structure to meet your unique requirements.

  • From your Archive Details page, click Create Dataset From Archive. Then enter your new dataset name and click OK.

  • On the Create Dataset page, click the checkbox to use (enable) hierarchical coding. Then click on Create Dataset.

  • The next page allows you to create the parent/child code relationships. You have two options to define the hierarchy:

1. Use the GUI interface. The screenshot below demonstrates the process of creating a hierarchical structure in the form:







2. Upload an XML file. The codeset is a plain-text XML file that contains the code definition hierarchy. Each code can have a keybinding associated with it as well as an attribute that tells if it is selectable or not. Codes can have multiple layers of child codes underneath.

    • Click on view code set file structure for more information and to see a sample XML file.
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