When can I expect to receive Sifter data paid for via PayPal?


I received an estimate for Sifter data and intended to pay for it through PayPal. I haven’t received any data yet. When can I expect to receive the data?

When the data is ready then we will put it in your DiscoverText account. We generally expect the data to get loaded into the account within 24 hours - in many cases, much less.

Please be sure you have clicked on the PayPal link in the estimate email you received to complete the payment transaction. The estimate will say, “Awaiting Acceptance” until you do this.

When the PayPal link is not clicked then it requires a bit of manual intervention on our end to start the processing.

  • If you already have a DiscoverText account, please send us an email with the username and/or email address that the data is associated with, and then we can load the data there.
  • If you do not already have a DiscoverText account, then please create an account on DiscoverText (via https://discovertext.com/start-a-free-trial/ ). See the 30 day free trial article for more information.


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