Can we get around the 50,000/day limit on the save as CSV option?


Sorry no. Everyone asks and the answer is always no. 

These are the rules set by Twitter. If we circumvent those rules, we could permanently lose access to Twitter. Sifter is an application designed to support DiscoverText users. We are not licensed to re-sell Twitter data. We are licensed to host Twitter data in DiscoverText for analytical purposes. The license is between Twitter & Texifter, rather than between Twitter & you the end user. This may sound counterintuitive, but it is a binding contract that we never violate.
What I often tell people in a rush to get their data off DiscoverText is that perhaps after a deeper dive into the functionality of DiscoverText, you may be able to envisage a workflow that meets your requirements. For example, our deduplication algorithm is powerful for Twitter data. So too is our approach to machine-learning to clean out irrelevant data, which, in most cases, can be quite a bit of the collection.
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