How long will it take to get the data?


How soon can I get access to the data (e.g., tweets)?

We can usually get the data from Twitter, via Gnip's historical PowerTrack, into your DiscoverText account within 24-36 hours from the time you make a purchase. It is often much quicker and occasionally a little slower, depending on how busy we are and the number of historical days in the estimate.

When the data is ready (downloaded from Gnip, uploaded to DiscoverText, and fully indexed in DiscoverText) we will send you an email notification with the name of the project in your DiscoverText account. 

While you are waiting for the data, you will want to set up a DiscoverText account (if you don't already have one) to design, test, and refine your analytical models in DiscoverText using the free, real-time Twitter Search API data. You may also benefit from experiments with the Twitter advanced search. That way, when the historical Twitter data is ready, you can fully use all Five Pillars of Text Analytics, thereby accelerating your research.

If you have not already done so, please create a free trial account on DiscoverText:

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Please email if you have any questions and be sure to refer to other FAQs about Sifter & FAQs about DiscoverText.

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