Do I need two accounts, one for Sifter and another for DiscoverText?


Do I need two accounts, one for Sifter and another for DiscoverText?

The answer, unfortunately, is yes. We are moving to a single sign on model, but for now we ask that you create free accounts on both systems. The good news is that neither registration process will ask you for a credit card and you can do a lot with our free trial.

Register for Sifter  |  Request a 30-day Free Trial of DiscoverText

Estimates are free on Sifter. You can create 3 per day. Any data you pay to access will be stored in your DiscoverText account. They remain separate systems with separate logins, for now. 

Our Sifter pricing model is simple:

  • Three free estimates per day.
  • $25 per day of data retrieval.
  • $7.50 per 10,000 tweets.
    Any Sifter purchase includes 14 days of Enterprise DiscoverText access. This enables up to three users to collaborate on the dataset.
  • Realtime Gnip Twitter collection via DiscoverText avoids the $25/historical day charge on Sifter.
  • Please see for more information.
There is no free historical Twitter data. However, if you take the free 3-day trial of DiscoverText, there are two types of day-forward Twitter data that are free:
  1. Search API - You can learn more about that option in this video: This will let you collect up to 5,000 Tweets to test out our system.
  2. Gnip PowerTrack 2.0 -  There are a number of videos about Gnip Twitter data. This is premium pay as you go data and we provide free access to the PowerTrack filters and 500 free Tweet credits. Additional credits cost $3/10,000. This is incredibly rich data by comparison to the Search API.
We advise people to experiment with the Gnip PowerTrack in DiscoverText before making a Sifter purchase. Refining your rules through trial and error is a very useful step.
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