Can I import Facebook public wall posts?


Hi, for academic research purposes, I would like to import all public wall posts from a selected number of individual Facebook users (people, not groups or pages.)  I am not connected to these people, but the posts are publicly available for anyone to see. Is this possible using DiscoverText?


The unsatisfying answer is yes and no. There are some mysteries about the Facebook Graph API we have not solved. Some pages will download lots of data, others very little. Some will go way back in time, others will not go back as far. The key things are to be sure to "like" the page before you try, and also to use a Facebook account for research purposes that has no privacy restrictions. If you do both of these things, you improve the chances of getting more data. That said, the data that comes through the Graph API is never 100%. It is always a subset of the complete data.

This FAQ about Importing Data From Facebook Pages Without the Full Text Search API may also be helpful.


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