How do I download the Twitter data that I just purchased using Sifter?



Unfortunately, the Sifter service and website has been decommissioned as of September 30, 2018. Thanks to our 6,970 users who created 16,128 free estimates from the complete, undeleted history of Twitter between 1/14/2014 and 9/29/2018.

Please contact Twitter for approval of future academic or commercial use cases. If you can get an approved use case from Twitter, we can still help you work with the data inside DiscoverText.

@DiscoverText remains open and is still the top-ranked text analysis platform on the Internet.

All paid jobs prior to the decommissioning will still be honored.


How do I download the data I just purchased via Sifter?  I've logged on and it says it's completed now, but I can't see any way of accessing it?

Technically, when you pay Texifter a fee for using data generated via Sifter, we license the specific data from Twitter. You are not "purchasing" data from Twitter or Texifter. You are accessing it through a collaborative, text analytics platform, DiscoverText, under a use case approved by Twitter.

PLEASE NOTE: Twitter retains ownership and Texifter is a compliant licensee. Many users routinely ask us to defy the rules; we do not.

Downloads of Twitter data are governed by the Twitter Terms of Service. Twitter intends for your analytics to be performed while the data are stored in DiscoverText.

Once you have processed raw data archives into a dataset using a DiscoverText analytics tool (for example search, filtering, clustering, coding, or classification), or by converting an archive of up to 50,000 Tweets into a dataset, then you are permitted to "save as CSV" once per day. We have engineered a counter that will allow you to export up to 50,000, then it resets when a new day starts. We also break large collections into 50,000-item archives to make the exports easier. Please see this FAQ if you have large quantities of Twitter data.

Please note: Our Sifter pricing model is simple:

  • Three free estimates per day.
  • $25 per day of data retrieval.
  • $7.50 per 10,000 tweets.
  • Any Sifter purchase includes 14 days of Enterprise DiscoverText access. This enables up to three users to collaborate on the dataset.
  • Realtime Gnip Twitter collection via DiscoverText avoids the $25/historical day charge on Sifter.
  • Please see for more information.

On the Dataset Details page there is a box of Dataset Options. The Export Dataset link is in the set of Dataset Options.

We also offer a bulk Twitter Tweet ID export for academic replication purposes.

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