Using advanced filters to sort a Twitter archive by user


How to use Advanced Filters to organize buckets of tweets by particular senders.

  1. Left click a data archive folder to access the Search and Browse Archive page.
  2. Click Filters from the top right.
  3. In the Filter by meta section, select from_user from the drop down menu.
    • NOTE:  The metadata fields can have different names when the Twitter data is from Sifter, versus the Twitter Search API, versus the Gnip PowerTrack for Twitter. Each source has different conventions for the metadata:
      • Sifter data: actor_name
      • Twitter Search API: from_user
      • Gnip PowerTrack: real_name

4.  Click on the TopMeta Discovery icon (magnifying glass) to the right of the Filter by meta title.      

5.  The TopMeta Discovery popup will appear, listing the most active users.

6.  To generate a list by user, select the Quick Filter icon (magnifying glass) for the user in question and the list will be generated.  

7.  A bucket can be created from the list that appears (which contains all the tweets by the particular user that was previously selected.)

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