How can I access free Twitter data?


How do I get access to free Twitter data, and is there a limit to the number of tweets I can collect in a given time period?

Please see the instructions below to access free Twitter data.

There are rate limits for the number of tweets that you can collect. We are looking at possible changes to DiscoverText to make the rate limits more visible to users. In the meantime, for more details please see Twitter's API Rate Limits.


  1. Be logged into (and have a paid/trial account on DiscoverText.)
  2. Have a project actively selected.

Steps to obtain free Twitter data:

  1. Click the Data Archives folder in the left menu panel to reach the Archive Management page.
  2. Select the Import Data button.
  3. From the Import Data page, select the Twitter "Search API" icon in the Twitter section.


Note: The 3-day free trial does not include live data feeds from Twitter or other sources. For more information, please see our feature comparison.

See the 3-day free trial article for more information.



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