Creating defined searches


How to create a Defined Search to create a reusable multi-term search that isolates certain types of documents in a dataset.

     1.  On the Navigation Sidebar, in the Tools section, click the Defined Search option.

     2.  Select Create a Defined Search.

     3.  Create a name for this list and select the Create button.

     4.  On the View/Edit Defined Search page, there are three options:

  • OPTION 1:  Upload a term file.  Upload file should be a plain-text file, one term per line.
  • OPTION 2:  Search for any of these terms: ("OR")
  • OPTION 3:  Search must include all of these terms: ("AND")

     5.  Create the list of search terms by entering the terms directly into the appropriate field (Options 2-3) or attach a .txt file of terms (Option 1).

Any and all Options may be used simultaneously.

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