Free versus premium social data


With DiscoverText, you can import free or premium social data from a variety of sources.

Free social data

Import free social data from several sources such as the Twitter Search API or Facebook. The amount of accessible data will be "rate" limited by the publisher. In the case of Facebook, a complex set of factors determine what data may be available over the "Open Graph" API and your own network and settings will impact the results. For the Search API on Twitter, the total number of "fetches" per unit of time and the percent of available data are both factors determined by Twitter.

Premium social data

For more comprehensive results, access premium social data via Gnip-enabled data streams, which includes enhanced metadata features and powerful query filters. The Gnip PowerTrack capability is available day-forward for Twitter. There are more than 50 Gnip PowerTrack filtering rules. For example, you can create rules with operators such as "contains:" or "lang":

  • contains:time - Returns a pure substring match such as "timepiece" or "tim eastwood".
  • lang:en - Returns activities identified by Gnip as being English.

To import premium social data, you must have available Gnip credits, which are sold directly via on the site in blocks of 10,000.

For more Gnip information, including pricing for credits, see the Gnip pricing page on the DiscoverText website.

Note: The 30-day free trial does not include exports of live data feeds from Twitter or other sources. For more information, please see our feature comparison.


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