Redaction is the process of adapting or editing a file for publication or release. Before you release a document that contains sensitive information such as addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers to the general public, you can redact the document, so that information is hidden.

In DiscoverText, you can redact documents in different ways without destroying the information, so the redactions can be removed easily if necessary.

Manage the redacted words with the following methods:

  • Create a keyword list.

    As the Project Owner, create, modify, save, and reuse lists of words to be redacted. You can create and apply multiple keyword lists for granularity and reusability in redaction.

    Then you can censor, hide, or protect information inside an archive, so subsequent users have restricted viewing and usage of the information. This is done without destroying the underlying text.

  • Use an automated redaction set.

    Automatically redact email addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, and social security numbers from archives. This ensures that important data that cannot easily be keyworded is exempted in many redaction processes.

You can also use the following redaction styles:

  • Highlight Only: Add a bright highlight over keywords.

    Emphasize the occurrence of common items, or draw attention to information for later redaction of another type.

  • Blackout: Hides the original text behind a black block that only the Project Owner can see through in DiscoverText.

    When the information is exported, the redacted items appear as black boxes overlaid with hash (#) symbols with footnotes to any exemption codes and memos added to the redaction. The redacted text is completely overwritten and unavailable to others.

  • Remove Text: Flags the redacted items so they are removed from the text upon export.

    The person who does the redaction can edit, annotate, add, or delete removal tags, so the exported documents only have placeholder flags for the redacted items.

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