Import Disqus data


You can import data from your Disqus forums or from all public posts.

  1. Create a project or open an existing one from the Project list in the Navigation Sidebar.
  2. In the Project Options section, click Import Data.
  3. In the Blogs section, click Disqus.

    Note: If you do not have enough Gnip credits, click Purchase more.

  4. Do one of the following:
    • To import data from the forums that you own, click Login with Disqus.
    • To import feed from a specific forum, type the forum ID in the Feeds from a known forum id field, and then click Pull Forum Posts.
    • To import data related to a specific keyword in all public posts, type the keyword in the Search across all public posts field, and then click Search Public Posts.
  5. Create a one-time fetch or feed schedule.
    • To create a one-time fetch, select the Only fetch once (do not create a schedule) check box.
    • Create a feed schedule including the maximum number of fetches and the frequency of the feed update.
  6. Optional: To further refine the schedule, click Additional Options, and then select the desired options.
  7. To start the process, click Import Feed.

On the Archive Management page, click the archive name to see the Archive Details page, or click the number of units to review the data in the list or item view.

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