Classify a dataset


Classify the items in a dataset.

  1. Create or open a dataset.

    Note: If necessary, change the code set.

  2. Code a portion of the dataset.

    Tip: Ensure that each code is assigned to some of the items, so the code set has training data for each code.

  3. At the top of the list or item view, click Dataset
  4. On the Dataset Details page, do one of the following:
    Option Steps
    To classify all the items in the dataset
    • To classify all the items in the dataset, click QuickClassify.  (Only users who created or own the dataset are able to classify.)
    To set the classification options
    1. Click Advanced options.
    2. Optional: To add new coding to the training data, select the Rebuild check box.
    3. Optional: To incorporate the item metadata as part of the classification data, select the Use Metadata check box.
    4. Optional: If you have done any adjudication in the history of this classifier, and you want to keep the false positives (bad coding choices) out of the training set, select the Exclude invalid adjudicated items check box.
    5. Optional: To classify a specific number of items, type the item in the # to classify box.
    6. Click Classify Dataset.

After the process is done, you can view the classifications in the item view.

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