Generate a tag cloud via the CloudExplorer


Create a visual representation of the text data in an archive, bucket, or dataset. A tag cloud shows the words that occur most frequently. The CloudExplorer allows you to drill into the data via search, drop out terms for a session or permanently, and change the color of a particular term in the visualization.

  1. Open the archive, bucket, or dataset.
  2. Do one of the following:
    Option Steps
    To create a tag cloud for an archive or bucket
    1. Click Generate CloudExplorer.
    2. After the tag cloud is generated, click View CloudExplorer.
    To create a tag cloud for a dataset
    1. Click Generate Tag Cloud.
    2. After the tag cloud is generated, click View Tag Cloud.
  3. Optional: To view the number of times a word occurs in the text, hover over the word.
  4. Optional: To remove a word from the tag cloud, click one of the following:
    • Remove from tag cloud permanently
    • Remove from tag cloud for this session
  5. Optional: To change the font color, click the word, select the colour, and then click Set term color.
  6. Optional: To view the items that contain the word, click the word, and then select Search term.
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