Adjudicate the work of coders


Adjudication is the process of verifying whether the work of coders is correct. This ensures that the data gained from coding is as accurate and valid as possible when the work is distributed among multiple coders.

Based on the results of adjudication, the application can statistically analyze how often coders are correct in their assumptions about the text.

During training sessions, you can also review and adjudicate the work of coders to ensure that they understand the requirements of the coding task.

  1. On the Navigation Sidebar, select the project from the Project list.

  2. Lock the project.
  3. On the Navigation Sidebar, in the Coding section, click Validate dataset.adjudicate.jpg
  4. From the Dataset list, select the dataset.
  5. Add the codes that you want to validate to the Selected Codes box.
  6. Optional: Select the Only show validations for units where more than one coder has coded check box.
  7. Optional: Select the Filter out units where all coders are in agreement check box.
  8. Click Continue.

    The first item appears. The assigned code is red and bolded.

  9. Optional: To show the metadata, click the Show or hide metadata button. 
  10. Click one of the following:
    • (1) Valid: The correct code has been assigned.
    • (2) Skip to next: Go to the next item without validating this coding choice.
    • (3) Not valid: The correct code has not been assigned.
  11. Repeat step 9 for each item.

Note: You can navigate through the items by clicking the Previous and Next buttons. You can also jump to the next unvalidated item.

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