Code in the item view


Code a single item at a time.

Note: DiscoverText is designed to record speed and accuracy of coding over time because efficient coders are fast and accurate. To ensure that the application accurately records the coding time, click the Stop Coding button to stop the timer when you are finished. Otherwise, your coding time is higher than it should be.

  1. On the Navigation Sidebar, in the Coding section, click Code a Dataset.
  2. In the dataset list, click the dataset that you want to code.
  3. To code the item, do one of the following:
    • Click a code.
    • If the option is enabled, click multiple codes.
    • Press the keyboard shortcut.
    • If option is enabled, type a user-defined code in the blank field. (Keyboard shortcuts are disabled.)
  4. Click Code.
  5. If the verfication step is turned on, click Verify Coding.
  6. When you are finished coding, click the Stop Coding button.

Note: To see which codes are assigned to an item, click Coded in the list view.

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