Create clusters of similar items


Generate clusters of similar items based on a clustering threshold, which is the minimum level of matching for items to be considered similar to each other.


  1. On the Archive Details page, in the Clustering section, click Generate Clusters.
  2. From the Clustering Threshold list, select the minimum matching threshold.

    If you set a lower threshold, the clusters are less accurate. However, if you set a higher threshold, more clusters are created.

  3. Click Perform Clustering.

    Note: The processing time depends on the number of items in the archive.

  4. Optional: After the files have been processed, you can do the following from the Archive Details page:
    • To view the list of clusters, click View clusters.

      You can rename a cluster or create a bucket or dataset from it.

    • To create buckets from the clusters, click Create bucket from clusters.
    • To create datasets from the clusters, click Create dataset from clusters.
    • To delete the clusters, so you can create new ones based on a different clustering threshold, click Delete clusters.
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