Peer networks


A peer is a DiscoverText user that you can connect to. The primary purpose of a peer is to code (label) and annotate your data.

Search the coderverse for other DiscoverText users, so you can send connection requests to them and build up your peer network. Then you can invite them to assist you on in-depth analysis projects. When multiple peers code the same data, it creates a measurement of inter-rater reliability and the possibility to adjudicate coder choices.

As you collaborate with them, you build up a trusted group of collaborators.

Assigning permissions

Peers show up as available coders, but by default, they cannot view your projects. However, there is a granular system of permissions. You can:

  • Assign permissions at the project-level or for a specific project, archive, bucket, or dataset.
  • Assign full project access to perform all actions at all levels of a project.
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