Change your account settings


You can change your profile and account settings.

  1. On the Navigation Sidebar, above the global navigation links, click your name.
  2. Optional: To change your profile photo, click Change under the image.
  3. Optional: To update your location or name, click Edit to the right of your name.
  4. Optional: To change your time zone, make a selection from the Set Time Zone list.
  5. Optional: To set a screen name, which is the public name that appears on reports and analytic output, type the name in the Set a screen name for your account box, and then click Set.
  6. Optional: To edit your contact information, click Edit in the Contact Information section.
  7. Optional: To edit your education and work history, click Edit in the Education and Work section. 
  8. Optional: To add your associations, click Edit in the Associations section.
  9. Optional: To add specializations or websites, click Edit in the Other section.
  10. Optional: To view your profile, click View my profile.

Note: To determine which users can view your profile, you can change the privacy settings.

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