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Note: Due to many abuses by the internet community at large, there have been big changes in the way Facebook thinks about its Open Graph API. Unfortunately, unless you have received permissions, Facebook data is not available for most people these days. Therefore, the following information will probably not work at the present time.

You can easily capture live Facebook feeds from the Open Graph API. For more information, watch the "Collecting Facebook Data" video tutorial.

Note: You must link your Facebook account with your DiscoverText account. To do so, click the Connect with Facebook button on the login page.

  1. Create a project, or open an existing one from the Project list in the Navigation Sidebar.
  2. In the Project Options section, click Import Data.
  3. In the Social section, click Facebook.

    Note: If you have not authenticated with Facebook, click Connect with Facebook, and then enter your credentials.

  4. Create an archive or select an existing archive, and then click Continue.
  5. To select the source of the Facebook data, do one of the following:
    • Click Fetch my wall.
    • In the Search across all public posts field, type keywords, and then click Search Public Posts.

      Note: You cannot search for a phrase. If you include multiple terms in the query, Facebook treats it as though there is a Boolean OR operator between each phrase.

    • In the Search for a page, group, or person field, type the name, click Search, and then select a result.
    • Complete the Facebook wall ID field, and then click Get Wall.
  6. Create a one-time fetch or feed schedule.
    • To create a one-time fetch, select the Only fetch once (do not create a schedule) check box.
    • Create a feed schedule including the maximum number of fetches and the frequency of the feed update.
  7. Optional: To further refine the schedule, click Additional Options, and then select the desired options.
  8. To start the process, click Import Feed.

Special Notes

  • The "search all public posts" option is day forward. It may go back a few days in some cases, but generally you set this to check every 5 or 15 minutes for any new public post or comment with your keyword. This does not have a phrase search capability.
  • The other three searches all go backward in time, but there are important factors that shape the results you get. Restrictive privacy settings on the Facebook account you use to credential into DiscoverText will limit the data you get. Liking a page before you collect the data in some cases dramatically increases the amount of data you get. 
  • As with all things Facebook, the nature and extent of your friend network impacts the data returned from the Open Graph API.
  • Facebook has shut off the full text search API, but you can still import data. See the FAQ How Do I Import Data From Facebook Pages Without the Full Text Search API? for more information.


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