Can Sifter capture tweets from two (or more) specific accounts?


I would like to set up Sifter to catch tweets from two accounts in particular. Can the platform do this? My goal is evaluate messages from specific accounts. 

Yes, both Sifter and DiscoverText can do that.

Using the public Twitter API, you can use any of the standard search operators found at

For real-time and historic Twitter data, there is a much more rich query language that you can specify in your query. See

The from: operator matches any tweet from a specific user. See the premium rules documentation listed above for more information.

Our pricing model is simple:

  • Three free estimates per day.
  • $25 per day of data retrieval.
  • $7.50 per 10,000 tweets.
  • Any Sifter purchase includes 14 days of Enterprise DiscoverText access. This enables up to three users to collaborate on the dataset.
  • Realtime Gnip Twitter collection via DiscoverText avoids the $25/historical day charge on Sifter.

Please see for more information.




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