What is the confidentiality policy regarding data uploaded to the servers?


I would like to know more about your confidentiality policy. Is the data to be coded online destroyed after analysis or after use of the software? What is your confidentiality policy regarding the data that users upload to your servers?


When you delete your data is up to you. You can permanently delete the data at any time. In fact, some users have been disappointed to find out we do not keep copies of data after it has been deleted. 

With respect to confidentiality, we built the early versions of this application in a FISMA-compliant (Federal Information Security Management Act) research center that stored large amounts of human subject’s data. We were subject to all of the University protocols for data handling. All of the projects that led to the creation of this software were federally funded research with strict Institutional Review Board (IRB) oversight. For details, please read our official formal privacy policy.

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