How can I avoid character encoding errors when extracting data into Excel?


I’m using DiscoverText to collect Twitter data that is mainly written in the Spanish language. When exporting the data there seems to be an encoding error because instead of the characters I see on the screen I get the raw ASCII format. For example:

á instead of á

é instead of é

ó instead of ó

When I browse the Twitter tweets using the “View All Documents” option on DiscoverText I don’t have this issue. It only occurs after exporting the files to an Excel spreadsheet. Is there any way to prevent this character substitution issue?


All of the exports from DiscoverText are in UTF-8 format. The problem is probably occurring in the application you are using to open the file that is displaying the wrong character code page. This behavior has been seen with Windows Notepad and Microsoft Excel.
If you are using Excel, the instructions in the link below may help you (Note: Although the instructions are written for Excel 2007, there should be a similar workflow for newer Excel versions):
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