How can I see all of the new metadata fields in Gnip PowerTrack Twitter data?


I am learning the features of DiscoverText with my free trial, and I am especially interested in the PowerTrack Gnip feature as demonstrated in this video:

Unfortunately I was unable to recreate the same overview to display all of the metadata fields as shown in the video. Is it possible to enable this overview?

An avalanche of new metadata fields are included in the metadata payload when you use Gnip PowerTrack via DiscoverText. The video listed above describes the scope and nature of the massive enhancements to the Twitter payload. 

However, the metadata will vary depending on the user and the nature of the Tweet (i.e., is it an original tweet, a retweet, or a reply). Here’s a way to recreate the steps taken in the video: 

1. On the item view, click the File Info icon (as seen on the two screens shown below) to see the metadata.






2. On the Archive Details page, click on TopMeta Explorer.




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