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Unfortunately, our access to Premium real time and historical Twitter data ended 9/29/2018. Please contact Twitter for approval of future academic or commercial use cases. If you can get an approved premium or historical Twitter use case, we can still help you work with the data inside DiscoverText. DiscoverText remains open and is still the top-ranked text analysis platform on the Internet. You can use your own Twitter credentials to sample Twitter data via DiscoverText using the Twitter Search API.

Twitter's PowerTrack (previously known as Gnip PowerTrack) provides many useful rules and filters to help you import and select the specific Twitter data that you are interested in. Twitter’s PowerTrack documentation is an important resource and should be consulted before developing your own rules.

Note: Although these rules can be very useful for selecting specific data, they can also severely restrict the quantity of data you may receive. For example, the place_country rule could eliminate 99% of the tweets because geo data is extremely rare in Twitter. If you find that the number of estimated activities is very low, consider removing a rule and reevaluating the results.

Some interesting rules and filters include the following:


Matches tweets tagged with the specified location or Twitter place ID (see examples). Multi-word place names should be enclosed in quotes.


place:“New York City”

More than one place can be selected by enclosing the rule in parenthesis.

(place:"Great Britain" OR place:"United Kingdom")


Matches tweets where the country code associated with a tagged place/location that matches the ISO alpha-2 character code.

Note: Be aware that using a country code may be an unreliable filter because so few Tweets contain a country code.



Matches Tweets that have Tweet-specific geo location data provided from Twitter. This can be either “geo” lat-long coordinate, or a “location” in the form of a Twitter “Place”, with corresponding display name, geo polygon, and other fields.

place_country:GB has:geo

(place:"Great Britain" OR place:"United Kingdom" OR place_country:GB) has:geo


Returns only explicit retweets that match a rule.

Note: This operator looks only for true retweets, which use Twitter’s retweet functionality. Quoted tweets and modified tweets that do not use Twitter’s retweet functionality will not be matched by this operator.


The previous rule can be negated to exclude retweets that match a rule from delivery and only original content is delivered.



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